5 Easy Ways to Drink Mushrooms Every Day (And Make it a Habit)

5 Easy Ways to Drink Mushrooms Every Day (And Make it a Habit)

I was introduced to the Everyday Magic™ of mushrooms as a little kid. My mother would take my brother and I foraging on our farm in Finland. She grew up poor and foraging was a necessary part of her own life from a very young age. I continued to eat mushrooms daily, and in my early 20s got really hooked on functional mushrooms by experimenting with cordyceps while training to be a semi-competitive runner. This was when I became a full-on funguy.

I founded Four Sigmatic because I believe that everyone deserves to reap the incredible benefits that come from incorporating mushrooms into a daily wellness routine. It’s just like your mother always said, “Drink your mushrooms!” Right? Right?

I get it, drinking mushrooms isn’t second nature to North Americans. But I firmly believe it can be done very easily, and will result in so many benefits to your health and life.

The Benefits of Daily Mushroom Consumption

Drinking functional mushrooms daily has been a practice in many cultures for centuries. We’re not talking about your portobello or crimini mushrooms. More like reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, shiitake, and enokitake.

As our herbalist and National Educator Danielle says, “Functional mushrooms are adaptogenic tonics intended to be taken daily overall well-being. They support our body from the root rather than acting as a bandage. The benefits are best seen with continual use, taken daily for long periods of time.”

Of course, each functional mushroom has its own specific benefits, but in general, all functional mushrooms help your body to have steady energy levels, immune function, smooth digestion, and glowing skin.

The Benefits of Daily Mushroom Consumption

Functional mushrooms are adaptogens. Adaptogens help your body to find balance and more steady energy levels. If you’re constantly fatigued, adaptogens help to give you energy. If you’re feeling wired, adaptogens help your body to chill out. These plants have the amazing ability to bring you back to a steady state.

Immune Function

Mushrooms are loaded with polyphenols, polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and antioxidant properties. All of these compounds, together and separately, help to support your immune system[*][*][*].

Supporting your immune system is a long-term benefit of daily mushroom consumption. You won’t see an immediate result, but over time you’ll see the effects.


Mushrooms have dietary fiber which helps support digestion and may help increase beneficial gut bacteria in your digestive system. This, in turn, enables the gut to overpower harmful bacteria.

This is important because more and more studies are finding that a healthy gut environment is critical for maintaining healthy metabolic processes, preventing disease, and promoting overall wellness[*].

Similar to immune function, you may not notice any changes to digestion the first time you try mushrooms. Daily, consistent results are what will get you there.

Glowing Skin

Functional mushrooms have an overflowing amount of antioxidant properties, which your skin (and the rest of your body!) loves[*]. Glowing skin is also the result of whole body health. Any dysfunction in your immune system or digestion will show up in your skin first. Supporting your whole body well-being with functional mushrooms will almost always result in a smooth complexion.

When I founded Four Sigmatic I knew I had to make functional mushrooms more accessible to anyone that wanted them. That meant making them easy to consume (both in packaging, format, and taste), and effective (not just a couple milligrams but effective doses). Today we have a whole line of mushroom drinks to suit any taste bud. From matcha tea, to coffee, to lattes, to hot chocolates, we’ve got you covered.

6 Easy Ways to Drink Mushrooms Daily

1. Add Mushrooms to an Existing Routine

I call Mushroom Coffee the California roll of the fungi kingdom. It’s a great introduction to the world of mushrooms and so easy to add into your existing routine. 64% of Americans drink coffee regularly, so a simple switch to your morning or afternoon cup of coffee is a great way to start using ‘shrooms.

  • Swap out your ground coffee in pour-over, French press, or drip coffee maker with Ground Mushroom Coffee. It has the same amount of caffeine as any coffee, but with the added benefits of lion’s mane and chaga for focus and immune support. The coffee is 100% organic fairtrade Arabica coffee beans from Honduras for a clean and flavorful cup of coffee.
  • Stash instant Mushroom Coffee mix in your desk drawer, glove compartment, or backpack. All you need is a free cup of hot water to have a delicious copy of coffee on-the-go.
  • Stock the office Keurig with a box of Mushroom Coffee in eco-friendly coffee pods.

If you’re more of a coffee shop person, save yourself some cash by trying out a Mushroom Chai Latte, Mushroom Golden Latte, or Mushroom Matcha Latte.

2. Create a New Ritual

By adding a mushroom drink to your day you have the opportunity to create a new wellness ritual. The most beautiful way I usually see this happening is with people swapping out a nightcap whisk(e)y-on-the-rocks or glass of wine with a soothing Reishi Cacao.

The Queen of Mushrooms, reishi helps to support occasional stress and restful sleep. This adaptogen helps you to chill out and wind down before going to bed.

Take the ritual one step further: turn off your phone and pick up a notebook. Write about how your energy levels, sleep, digestion, and skin have been. By tracking your progress in a notebook you’ll be able to see the results of this new daily habit.

3. Store Mushrooms Where You’ll See Them

It’s amazing what line of sight will do. If your mushroom drinks are buried at the back of your pantry, odds are you’ll never get to them. Stash a few packets in your pocket or bag for when you’re on-the-go or traveling. Who knows, you just might make a new friend by sharing your ‘shrooms.

4. Set a Reminder

I know it sounds cliche, but a alarm on your phone or post-it note in just the right place can do wonders when you’re just starting with a new routine. Or maybe it’s a box of Mushroom Coffee next to a mug at your desk, or a box of Reishi Cacao next to the wine shelf.

5. Add Mushrooms To Your Favorite Recipes

Experiment with adding mushrooms to your oatmeal or peanut butter and toast. Or blend a packet into your pre-gym, post-workout, or breakfast smoothie. Try baking with Mushroom Cacaos.  Make an extra nourishing miso soup.

6. Make It a Team Effort

Humans are both creatures of habit and social creatures. Playoff of both traits, and do a 30 or 60-day mushroom challenge with your partner, mother, father, brother, sister, BFF, or favorite coworker. You’ll be able to connect daily with each other, and together this healthy habit will stick.