Bulletproof is all about giving you the tools you need to take your performance to the next level, in every area of your life. That’s always been Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey’s goal — offering you proven ways to become stronger, happier, and more productive.

If you’re looking to ramp up your results even more, “Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Thinkers Do to Win at Life” is a window into what drives some of the world’s most cutting-edge innovators and thinkers.

Dave started his Bulletproof Radio podcast more than five years ago. During that time he’s interviewed nearly 500 people — world-class athletes, biochemists, authors, maverick scientists, personal development experts, artists, and entrepreneurs. Some you may know, like Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, and Jack Canfield. But most of his guests aren’t household names. Rather, they’re pioneers doing groundbreaking work in their respective fields — and changing the world as we know it.

Dave was curious — what was it that made these game changers so successful? What did they all have in common? So at the end of each interview, Dave asked his guests the same question: What are your top three pieces of advice for people who want to perform better at being human?

He did a statistical analysis of all the answers and found that most of the advice fell into one of three categories: innovators focus on things that make them smarterfaster, and happier.

“Game Changers” offers 46 science-backed “laws” summarizing the advice from guests, along with actions you can take if they resonate with you. Get the book now and start kicking more ass at life!