How CILTEP helps you to get into the flow state

“…30 minutes after taking the artichoke/forskolin combo, my head feels… different. Less cramped.
More open. Kind of like someone opened the window to my stuffy attic and let the breeze blow in.”

CILTEP is a combination of the highest quality Artichoke extract and an active compound
extracted from the root of Indian herb Forskolin.

The story of CILTEP starts in 2011, when elite group of independent researchers decided to
engineer the worlds first natural supplement to protect brain health and maximize memory and
concentration without any side effects. The research gave them enough clues to test and refine a
range of ingredient combinations until they arrived at the perfect formula and called it CILTEP.

The formula is designed to induce Long-term potentiation (LTP) in the brain, which is a crucial
mechanism involved in formation of new memories and strengthening the neural synapsis.
Induced LTP leads to better ability to adjust to any environment, which reflects in clear thinking,
improved concentration and alertness, improved mood and social ease and enhanced ability to

CILTEP induces LTP by increasing сyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) – the messenger
system that relay signals in the brain. cAMP is responsible for regulating alertness and
productivity. cAMP activity is reduced by PDE4 – an enzyme, that breaks down cAMP

CILTEP works in two ways – it inhibits PDE4 and increases cAMP. Artichoke extract appeared
to be natural and safe inhibitor of PDE4 and Forskolin root extract naturally increase cAMP. If
you take CILTEP, it will lead to a higher level of cAMP in your brain and induce your Long-
term potentiation.


CILTEP effect is cumulative. It takes a few days to get up to power. If you know you’ve got a
big day coming up, and you’ve got a couple of days notice, start taking it. So, when the day
comes, you’ve got supplementation from CILTEP ready to go. It will help you to remain
engaged all day long. It will remove brain fog leaving you clear to communicate to anyone with
ease. All those moments where it's just impossible to focus, or when the one thing you were
thinking of is just stuck at the tip of your tongue, will be gone.


If you are involved in some project, CILTEP gives you the motivational increase. You get a
desire to see project through and just start it! You get more excitement for the project. All
sources of distraction lose their appeal. Time seems to slow, distractions fade away, and you
have a strong desire to just get stuck in your project and do it. CILTEP puts you in the flow state!

When you get into the flow state it changes your approach to everything! It all seems to come
together in a much more enjoyable way. You become able to do the connections between things
and facts that aren’t necessarily connected. You get completely engagement with the task at
hand. It is the moment of pure creativity where you do your very best work. You glance at the
clock. 90 minutes have passed. It only feels like 10 minutes. All those other thoughts in your
head stop. You only have your work on your mind.

Getting in a flow state is a huge win. CILTEP allows you to do that on demand, rather just
waiting for it to happen. What it worth to you, being at your best for all day long? Almost
everything, right?

CILTEP is only 15 AED for a serving, and it has 20 serving per package. You should take it 5
days a week, so one package provides you with a monthly supply. CILTEP is available in our
shop with free delivery all over UAE.