Private Coaching for Transformation & Weight Control

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to be part of the awesome Biohack coaching program!


Duration: 8 weeks


  1. Analysis of your current situation and nutritional daily habits.
  2. Bespoke complete program to be reviewed on weekly basis to suite your individual needs and reach your weight loss to help you reach your personal objectives.
  3. Grocery store visit: Your coach will accompany you on your first food shopping and guide you on how to succeed. (For Dubai residents).
  4. Home visit: Your keto coach will assess the content of your kitchen cupboards, help you clean them out and replenish with your new keto foods. (For Dubai residents).
  5. A customized meal plan.
  6. A cook-book with with delicious and nutritious recipes.
  7. Coaching 1 hour weekly 1-to-1 on the phone, Skype, Whatsapp.
  8. Weekly steps feedback towards your keto success and your goals.
  9. Daily support through Whatsapp or email throughout the 12 weeks coaching program.
  10. Advice and tips on how to continue after the coaching to keep your ideal objectives on track.



4,000 $ 3,000 $