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– How Can One Cup of Coffee Give You An Edge…
While Another Cup Steals It From You?

The Good...

  • More antioxidants than red wine, blueberries and raspberries
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Fat loss
  • Improves physical performance
  • Soothes muscle soreness
  • Heightens your focus
  • Protects your brain cells from damage
  • Better memory
  • Lower risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Less chance of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Reduced risk of depression, stroke and breast cancer for women
  • Slightly less overall chance of death
  • Lower risk of cancer

And the Ugly...

  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Crankiness
  • “Coffee breath”
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Acid reflux
  • Joint pain
  • “Brain fog”
  • Heart palpitations
  • It’s enough confusion to cause a headache, if bad coffee hasn’t already given you one.

    Like many regular coffee drinkers, I decided the negative “side-effects” were simply a compromise I’d have to live with if I wanted the benefits…

    And for me, the “bad side” of coffee was becoming routine enough, and harsh enough, that for five long, dark years…

    … I gave up on coffee entirely.

    If you’ve ever tried going without coffee for a while, you can imagine how much I missed that warm, steaming mug of goodness… and eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    So I decided to become my own ‘lab rat’ and get to the bottom of this coffee confusion once and for all.

    Through sheer trial and error, I was going to discover the real reason coffee was so frustratingly unreliable… or get really over-caffeinated trying.

    I took the same skills I developed as a computer security pro in Silicon Valley, and put them to work “biohacking” my way into coffee’s deepest secrets…

    And after a ton of research, and a lot of coffee – some of it good, most of it bad – I finally stumbled on the one tiny reason why “good” coffee is so hard to find.

    My breakthrough moment came while traveling through Europe. The coffee there was consistently good. Notably superior to coffee brewed in the States…

    And it turns out the Europeans do one small thing differently with their coffee:

    They go out of their way to keep it free of mold.

    The problem is, even though coffee IS a superfood… outside of Europe, most people get robbed of all the benefits of pure, “clean” coffee…

    By Letting The Coffee Fruit
    Spoil and ROT!

    They either leave it “out to dry” in the elements until the outer layer of the coffee fruit shrivels away, or soak it off by leaving the coffee to sit in vats of water.
    Either way, the coffee ferments, allowing the mold spores on the beans to grow and multiply out of control.
    That’s why Upgraded Coffee beans are mechanically processed right after picking using only clean, cold water.
    And finally… the beans cross the border into the U.S. and go straight to the coffee roaster ranked #1 by the Specialist Coffee Association of America, where they emerge with a delicate “medium” roast that preserves maximum antioxidants.
    This unique “Upgraded” process is more expensive, but the results are more than worth it: A clean, bright and balanced coffee with a full body and an aroma with notes of apples, cherries and vanilla and a hint of caramel in the creamy finish.
    That’s without adding a single drop of cream or sweetener…
    Even if you normally wouldn’t touch coffee without adding something to cut the harsh taste, Upgraded beans are smooth enough so you can drink your coffee “plain” if you choose, and relish every sip.
    And rather than jitters, energy crashes and “brain fog”… Upgraded Coffee gives you a gentle yet powerful, mind-awakening buzz that enhances your performance for hours on end.
    Again and again, I’ve handed someone a cup of pure, clean coffee made from these beans and watched their eyes widen as they tell me…

    “This Is The Best Cup
    Of Coffee I’ve Had
    in My Entire Life!”

    Now, don’t misunderstand me – I’m not going to pretend
    mine are the only beans in the world that can give you a clean,
    energy-charging cup of coffee. You can take a chance with literally
    hundreds of other “premium” and “organic” coffees…
    … and sometimes you’ll luck out. In some places (like Europe), you’ll luck out more than others.
    The question is… why gamble with your performance and the quality of your day, when you can have a “sure thing” every time?
    That’s the ultimate reason I spent years of my life, and much of my life-savings, developing this coffee: Because I couldn’t buy it.

    And if you’re as tired as I was of the uneven results of “normal” coffee, there’s now a way to stack the deck in your favor every single morning.

    Scroll down to see how to get Upgraded beans in your coffee cup this week (for no more than you’d expect to pay for regular, “luck of the draw” coffee)…

    PLUS… even though Upgraded beans are smooth enough to drink “black” and love it…

    …. Please make sure you check out the secret behind the revolutionary recipe I call “Bulletproof Coffee” that takes your coffee to a level you’ll never know it’s capable of until you try it.

    I’ve lost count of the times people have tried the unique recipe I call “Bulletproof Coffee,” and come back to me with a similar story…

    How drinking it felt like they’d had an “itch” for something they didn’t even know existed – and somehow, Bulletproof Coffee scratched it.

    The primary ingredient is the Upgraded Coffee beans I spent over 10 years of my life perfecting into a science of high performance and amazing taste…

    But oddly enough…

    The Missing Link That Turned Upgraded
    Coffee “Bulletproof” Was (Literally)
    Revealed To Me On A Mountain Top…

    Near Mount Kailash in a remote part of Tibet, to be exact…

    Not through any religious awakening – but by a tiny Tibetan woman who greeted me when I staggered into her guest house chilled to the bone from the minus-10-degree Himalayan air.

    They don’t serve much coffee in those parts. So instead, she handed me traditional “Yak butter” tea that’s just what it sounds like – brewed tea blended with butter from a hairy cow-like animal that looks like it came from the ice planet of Hoth.

    I was so drained, I didn’t even pause before drinking it down – and to my shock, it rejuvenated me like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

    Of course, the biohacker in me asked…

    BulletProof coffee w/ Brain Octane,Advanced Kit

    4 Bags upgraded Ground

    1447 AED

    BulletProof coffee w/ Brain Octane,Standard Kit

    2 Months Supply Neuracel

    787 AED

    BulletProof coffee w/ Brain Octane,Starter Kit

    4 Months Supply Neuracel

    437 AED

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